Maple & Birch Syrup Workshops

Manitoba Maple & Birch Tapping

Learn How to Make Syrup

The sap is flowing! Do you have Manitoba Maple or White Birch trees on your property? Learn how to sustainably make your own maple or birch syrup!

We don’t sell syrup, but rather train you to tap your own trees and make your own.

Ken Fosty (Certified Arborist) provides workshops for those interested in learning about and exploring maple and birch syrup management and production.

Ken provides seminars for indigenous and community groups. All of the sessions are aimed at novices and more experienced people who are ready to hear the latest information in maple and birch syrup production.

Homemade Maple Syrup with Ken Fosty

You can make your own maple syrup from a regular maple tree. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s DELICIOUS!!!

Workshops & Seminars

Making Syrup for Fun or Profit

We offer how-to seminars that include indoor classroom and outdoor hands-on presentations. Seminars provide valuable information, teaching participants Manitoba Maple and White Birch syrup management and production. Topics include:

  • How to identify maple and birch trees
  • When to tap trees
  • How to tap trees
  • Equipment required
  • Tree selection
  • Sap collection and storage
  • Proper boiling techniques (boiling the sap to perfection!)
  • Taste testing—yummy!

Seminars are all-inclusive. All the materials, props, equipment and take-home handouts are supplied by the instructor. Ken also supplies his own audio/visual equipment and instructional videos. Participants are encouraged to handle the equipment and ask questions throughout the seminar. (Taps are available for sale following the presentation.)

Taps for Sale

Enjoy making your own sweet treat – Manitoba Maple or White Birch Syrup. A taste of Manitoba!

Contact & Booking

To find out more about booking your own workshop, contact Ken Fosty.


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